The Living room

The living is the space of “all of us”, where the family meets and relaxes. One reads a book, one watches TV, another falls asleep on the coach. It is also the space to receive guests and converse amiably with a drink or a good coffee. For this reason in Indonesian it is called both ruang keluarga, family space, and kamar tamu, room for guests.
Feel free to take a book from the library in the language you prefer, put the music on  and … just feel home!

The Kitchen


For lunch and dinner, the fully equipped kitchen is at your complete disposal. You can have lunch inside or outside in the veranda, both tables are long enough to welcome you all!

The Star room, Kamar Bintang

bintang 1
bintang 2

The Star Room is the most popular among the three rooms, being the most spacious, with a large wardrobe, a big mirror and a comfortable desk where you can set up your nomad office and work remotely.

Its private bathroom has a bathtub with shower decorated with red flower tiles that bring in the nature!

Mattress dimensions: 200 x 180 cm.

The Sweet room, Kamar Manis

Manis 2

The Sweet Room is just that  sweet! Manis it can also mean pretty, cute, and intimate: all of these! This is the ideal room for a couple who like to get cozy or for parents having their children in Kamar Senang, which is just close and shares the same lovely little green bathroom.

The window overlooks the garden from which it receives a lot of natural light.

Mattress dimensions: 200 x 160 cm.

The Happy Room, Kamar Senang


The Happy Room is full of colors, has sunny yellow walls and a large multicolored gecko that keeps you company. … It has a spacious wardrobe, toys to play with, books to read and a TV with DVD.

The bed is single with a second pull-out bed, the bathroom is shared with Kamar Manis.

Kamar Senang and Manis are very close and isolated through a sliding door from the rest of the house. This makes the two rooms ideal for families with children.

Mattress dimensions are: 200cm x 90cm  + 200cm x90 cm low pull-out bed.

The Veranda

the veranda

The veranda is the most suitable place to taste the aperitif while waiting for the sunset, but is also the perfect place to have meals in front of a truly unique panorama!